A little bit about Little Guy Games

Little Guy Games Inc. is a creative up-and-coming video games development studio based in Toronto. Established in 2009, the company aims to deliver interactive experiences that can touch the hearts and minds of our players.

In pursuit of this goal, we have combined a quality-first approach with a focus on exploring new interactive experiences, and are constantly refining the way we think about the art of game development.

Little Guy Games is currently in production on four major titles:

The Last Sky – An experience exploring emotional and visual storytelling techniques which explores the moment of death, aimed at console, PC/Mac, and tablets.

Little Bandits – A fun and endearing take on the Wild West; free-to-play game for iOS, Android, and the web.

Awakened – An experimental foray into a new field of narrative experience, which uses emerging Brain Computer Interface technology as one of its main interactive pillars.

Monsters Everywhere – a charming hotel/travel free-to-play mobile experience with real-world plushy toy integration.

Email Us:

Email Us
If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to get in touch! If you are a fan that has any ideas, suggestions or feedback that you'd like to voice, shoot us an e-mail. We'd love to hear from you!